Ngqwele Dube, Sports Correspondent

ZIFA have ejected coopted Bulawayo Province committee member, Charles Ndlovu after he sought to nullify an earlier resignation.

Zifa chief executive officer, Joseph Mamutse wrote to Ndlovu on Monday advising him that the association did not consider him to be part of the structures anymore.

According to the letter, Ndlovu sent correspondence to Zifa on 22 June informing the association that he was resigning, but later wrote again on 18 July altering his resignation, a move Zifa said they do not recognise.

Mamutse argued that the resignation stands and did not have to be accepted by the association to make it valid.

“We advise that on the 22 June 2020 you resigned as a committee member for Bulawayo ZIFA province. The notice of resignation was communicated to both the Bulawayo ZIFA province and the ZIFA offices. It was a unilateral decision done by you and was effective from the date of the notice. Resignation does not need acceptance by the authority. It takes effect from the date of communication to the authority meant to receive it (sic),” read part of the letter.

Zifa said they are not accepting his efforts to rebut the resignation and claim back his position. Mamutse said Ndlovu can only occupy the office through following procedures reserved for filling vacant posts.

“Your letter dated 18th July 2020 is therefore a nullity in the sense that it purports to alter a resignation lawfully done by yourself. The only way you can lawfully be in office is to follow the procedures for the filling up of the vacant post created by your resignation. You are therefore barred from exercising any duties for and on behalf of ZIFA Bulawayo province,” concluded the letter.

Ndlovu, who is also the Bulawayo Amateur Football Association chairman, declined to comment on the issue.

Ndlovu resigned following Zifa’s probing over an initial ‘group’ resignation letter written by vice chairman, Allan Mpofu as they protested the reinstatement of chairman, Francis Ntuta by the national executive after Ntuta had been suspended for misuse of the province’s funds.