Robin Muchetu, Senior Reporter
THE Government has instructed all health care facilities to admit patients seeking medical attention without Covid-19 results and test them upon admission using PCR diagnostics.

This was said by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Cde Monica Mutsvangwa following reports that some hospitals are turning away patients who present without Covid-19 results.

“The Taskforce was informed that some private and public institutions are refusing to admit patients who have no Covid-19 test results. This is contrary to provisions of the Public Health Act and Government warns those medical facilities who have been contravening this Act.

“All hospitals both public and private should admit all patients without the pre-requirement of a Covid-19 test and proceed to do a PCR test on admission. The latter will determine whether the patient will be further managed in the green or red zone,’ she said.

She said it was mandatory that the hospitals assist those who come and are in need of medical help and must not turn away anyone who will not have been tested prior.

The Minister also said non-frontline health workers would be paid allowances soon as modalities where being completed.

“The Taskforce received an update on the payment modalities for all non-health frontline staff allowances which are being finalised. The allowances will be paid according to the different risk categories which are low, medium and high. The non-health frontline workers will receive their allowances backdated since they had not yet started receiving these. Embassy staff is to be also considered as frontline workers as they are involved in repatriations.”

She said it has been discovered that vegetable markets in Harare and Bulawayo have become Covid-19 hotspots.

“The latest hotspots to be analyzed are the Fresh Vegetable markets in Harare and Bulawayo. It was noted that persons from different environs visit these markets and testing would give an indication of infection rates.

The Harare Rapid Response Teams conducted tests at Mbare Musika yesterday (Sunday) and today (yesterday) and of those tested, 7 (8.75 percent) were positive. It was also noted that there is high risks posed by these markets which include: crowding of clients, poor sanitation conditions for vendors and no easy donning of masks by the general public and vendors,” she said.