MDC Alliance members in Harare South yesterday came under attack from Zanu PF youths, the second time inside a week, with their buildings being destroyed.

Youths led by Zanu PF district secretary for transport Nicholas Hamadziripi continued from where they left on Wednesday, destroying homes and offices of MDC activists at Retreat Farm despite several police reports.

Terrence Kumbula, an MDC activist and his colleagues were accused by the Zanu PF youths of building their structures on an area reserved for railway infrastructure.

Kumbula reported the matter on Wednesday at Waterfalls Police Station under RRB4454384, but no arrests were made. Yesterday, the Zanu PF youths allegedly visited the area again and destroyed more infrastructure. Kumbula said he reported the matter again at Waterfalls Police Station under RRB4454429 and was escorted to the scene by the police, but no arrests were made.

“We have come under attack again by Zanu PF youths. They destroyed our office furniture, window panes and building infrastructure. We reported them again and we proceeded to the scene with the police, but no arrests were made,” Kumbula said.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said he was yet to get the report.

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