Muchaneta Chimuka

Zimbabwean artists are doing a sterling job in educating people on Covid-19 issues through music.

With churches now allowed to hold services of up to 50 people, they have become paramount in spreading the Covid-19 gospel to congregants.

To ensure congregants get the Covid-19 message, a renowned artist, Albert Munyanyi from Masvingo Catholic Diocese recently composed a single album titled ‘Mwari Tinunurei Kudenda ReCorona’.

The song appeals to both those affected and infected by the virus.

“This pandemic has been the worst monster in our lifetime. Everyone is living in fear. We can only turn to God,” he told The Herald.

The song is a universal prayer that seeks the hand of God to those infected, affected inflicted.

“In other words, all of us. The living and the dear departed. The agenda is to heal the souls during these trying times,” he said.

The song is now a hit in all Roman Catholic parishes (churches) across the country. It is used as an opening prayer in order to awaken the human mind on Covid-19 before other church proceedings follow.

Munyanyi urged communities to be vigilant and follow all guidelines set by the Ministry of Health and Child Care. These include hand washing, the use of sanitizers, social distancing to avoid spreading the disease since it has no cure yet.

“As we are venturing into the new normal, people should not forget that the virus is still with us. We have to follow all the advice we are given by the health officials. It is the same advice that we preach in our churches and thorough music such that it becomes penetrative,” he added.

Munyanyi has eight other songs titled: ‘Zuva rokutonga kwaTenzi; Tinofamba Nokutenda; Jesu anosvinudza munhu akazvarwa ari bofu; Don Bosco Musande; Love One Another;  Farai munaTenzi; Makorokoto Sekuru Bhasera and Zvinodikanwa naTenzi.

Artists featured on the Covid- 19 song “Mwari tinunureiwo kudenda reCorona” include Sister Anna Bondeka, Claybough Mapfumo and Onesmo Mtizwa.

“I am also a Choral Music composer for non-Catholic music. In 2017, I composed the National Association for Primary School Heads (NAPH) national music and percussion set pieces. Again in 2018, I composed the National Music set piece for the National Association for Secondary Heads(NASH). I also composed national set piece songs for the Anglican Church and the RCZ.

“Music heals souls and helps the people of God in connecting with their creator and his compositions intend to just serve this purpose.”

Apart from being a composer, he is  also a Music consultant, coach and writer.