Sunday Mail Reporter

Zimbabweans have to overcome “lockdown fatigue” and remain vigilant, as Covid-19 cases near the grim milestone of 1000 infections, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa has said.

In a media brief Monday, Minister Mutsvangwa said Government was now focussing on resourcing “medical facilities that will deal with Covid-19 cases”.

Accordingly, 13 foreign-trained doctors have been recruited.

Surveillance to rigorously enforce health guidelines meant to prevent the further spread of the virus has been increased.

“We address you when our Covid-19 infection rate approaches the 1 000 mark. It is a time we note that the nation appears to be suffering from lockdown fatigue,” said Minister Mutsvangwa.

“But the fact that we already have been under lockdown for a long time does not give us an immunity from infections. Our vigilance should be the same level as it was on Day 1. Let us not run out of steam.”

Human lives take precedent over the economy and, therefore, it is incumbent upon locals to assiduously follow the current health guidelines to prevent being infected or infecting others, she added.

“While Government can tell you to wear your masks, wash and sanitize your hands, travel when it is absolutely necessary and maintain social distancing, it is up to each and every one of us to practice these measures. As a nation, we carry the collective responsibility of fighting this pandemic.

“Each time you venture into public spaces without properly your mask; each time you shake hands, and each time you venture into crowded spaces you are increasing your risk of infection. We have to adapt to a new normal which will minimize our risk of being infected.”

Health authorities are worried about the rising cases of local transmissions and would soon be conducting mapping and testing around clusters of cases.