Sports Reporter

THE Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on sport, both locally and abroad, with the latest casualty being the Innocent Choga Legends’ Classics, a bodybuilding and fitness competition that was initially slated for October 24.

In a statement issued by the competition’s organising committee, the annual tournament has been called off, owing to the on-going lockdown that has seen the closure of all gyms.

“The organising committee of Innocent Choga’s Legends Classics, a bodybuilding and fitness competition which was scheduled to be held on October 24, wishes to announce that the tournament has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The necessary closure of gyms has rendered the athletes unable to train for three months already, whereas the nature of the sport requires them to train all year round,” reads the statement.

While no new dates have been availed, the committee is looking at new dates next year.

The competition will take place next year, at a date to be announced.

“While many athletes were looking forward to taking part in this competition, the organising committee has had to call it off in the best interest of public safety,” added the statement.