Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
In a bid to get more people to know about local artistes, DJ Prince has been releasing a series of mixes online from music stables around the country.

DJ Prince who is like his peers under lockdown has decided to not let Covid-19 put him down and do something for the artistes. He has done a mix for Amapiano which has only music from Zimbabwe.

Some of the artistes featured include, DJ Cooperman, Toxic Chemical, Sugar Shane, Murphy Cubic and Mzoe 7. DJ Prince shares the mixes on his Facebook page.

DJ Prince has played some of the songs during his live set on the Bulawayo Live mixes that are held every Thursday evening on the page.

“So far I’ve done five mixes that have local music in them. The first one was an Amapiano mix where I mixed local and SA Amapiano tunes then the second one was a mash-up where I mixed Dance Hall, Hip Hop, Afro Pop which have local tunes in it.

The third one that I dropped is strictly local Amapiano.  I’m looking at doing all the genres from hip hop, dance hall, house, Amapiano, whatever local music I will get my hand on I will make a plan,” said DJ Prince.

He said he would be releasing local mixes twice a month.

DJ Prince he was happy with the support that he was getting from local artistes such as Sandra Ndebele and Madlela Skhobokhobo.

“I’m happy with the support am getting from some of the artists both locally and internationally I’ve received shout outs, voice overs and tags from the likes of Mhawkeys a South African musician. Cheister from Sunset Radio, Khenso ex-Teddy Bears, then Sandra Ndebele, Madlela, Nkululeko Dube and Mauza,” said DJ Prince. He said he was working on doing mixes for music stables.

“I’m working on doing mixes from one producer at a time so that means I’m going to be visiting a lot of studios or production houses around. People should look out for a local hip hop mix of all the tunes produced by P2daOh is coming soon. I’m going to continue doing remixes of some of the greatest tunes outa Bulawayo,” said DJ Prince.