Zimbabwe’s most popular lotto draw games, offering the highest jackpots at the moment, are the Pink Lotto, Bonus Lotto, Lucky Numbers and Power Play – 12/24.
Pink Lotto offers the opportunity to win ZWL$ 250,000 in the next draw. Bonus Lotto offers a minimum amount of ZWL$ 100,000 to be won every Saturday. Lucky Numbers and Power Play – 12/24 offer smaller pay outs, but lotto players stand the chance to win ZWL$ 50,000 every day with Lucky Numbers and ZWL$ 25,000 per day with Power Play – 12/24.
Back in 2013, Olivia Lole from Chitungwiza, won the lotto amount of ZWL$ 131,000 at the age of 33 after spending just ZWL$8 on her lottery tickets.
In 2019, Thomas Malima’s weekly lotto purchases of just ZWL$5 paid off when he won ZWL$162,000.00 on the 13th of April with Bonus Lotto. He bought his weekly lotto tickets at a supermarket close to his workplace.
The latest lotto winners in Zimbabwe was reported by the Daily News on the 21st of May after 5 lucky winners walked away with ZWL$51,316 each. They shared the Pink Lotto’s first prize of ZWL$250,000 on the 16th of May. They matched the winning numbers of 4,13,18,20,26,43 and 37.
In Nairobi, Kenya, Geoffrey Kungu won Sh100 million (approx. ZWL$ 339 million) on the 31st of December 2016 playing the lotto. He was only 21 years old when he won the money. According to a KTN News reporter this was one of the biggest pay outs in Sub-Saharan Africa.
In Northern Africa, Edo State Nigeria, a 35-year old man, Sidney Osahon won the Give ‘n’ Take National Jackpot Bonanza of N20million (approx. ZWL$ 18million) after 29 rollovers at the beginning of 2018. According to Jolly Enabulele, the Managing Director of the National Lottery, the N20m prize money was the biggest pay out in the history of lottery in Nigeria.

Biggest lotto pay outs in the world

More than 14 000kms from Zimbabwe in the USA the lotto prize money is significantly bigger. In 2016, US PowerBall paid out an enormous amount of US $1,586 billion (approx. ZWL$ 573,973 billion) to 3 lucky ticket holders. After deductions, each winner walked away with roughly US $327 million (approx. ZWL$ 118,341 billion). According to Wikipedia this amount was the world’s largest lotto amount won in history. From the 50 highest USA lottery pay-outs in history the US PowerBall had 27 winning amounts and 35 prize winners.
The second biggest lotto pay-out was an amount of US $1,537 billion (approx. ZWL$ 556,240 billion) paid out by US Mega Millions, it was won by a single winner in 2018.
These days punters are not limited to play lotto only in their country of residence. They can place their bets on most of the lotteries around the world and stand a chance to be on the top winners list of huge lottery pay-outs.

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