SOUTH AFRICA-BASED music promoter and actor Munya “Munya Touch” Jeranyama has urged the corporate world to support artistes to promote local talent and the growth of the arts industry.


Munya Touch, who partnered rising South African DJ Ceega Wa Meropa in doing live DJ mixes on Facebook, said he tried to engage local corporates in a move that would have seen Zimbabwean artistes featuring, but none was forthcoming.

The Facebook show attracted sponsorship from World Sports Betting, Cappello, Audi Sandton and Global Oil.

“I initially wanted to work with a Zimbabwean artist with support from the corporate world, but none was willing to sponsor. The arts industry is looked down upon. Some still have a mentality of seeing artists as people without direction, hence they choose not to support them, but these are the people who entertain us with music everyday,” he said.

The youthful promoter told NewsDay Life & Style that sponsoring virtual events by artistes would help address their financial woes during this lockdown period.

“The only way we can help artistes to survive is by supporting them. Zimbabwean corporates should invest in our own talent. If there are no bookings, musicians suffer financially. During this COVID-19 pandemic, the only way they can remain relevant and earn something is through virtual events,” he said.

Munya Touch, who indicated that he might work with Lady Zamar soon, described her as a passionate and hard-working DJ.

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