Showbiz Reporter

Musician Queen Vee (real name Vanessa Sibanda) who is mostly known for singing urban songs has shown people her other side by singing an emotional song that borders around domestic violence.

Titled Losing Battle, the song is about a woman who is married to a man who is seemingly not interested in her as he rarely spends time with her, opting to spend most of his time out, imbibing with females.

“I think I’m letting go because it feels like I’m fighting a losing battle. Ndaedza, ndaedza asi zviri kuramba. Ndatryer kukufadza asi zviri kuramba,” sings Queen Vee as she introduces the song.

On the animated video of the song that was produced by GT Beats, the man is seeing drinking out and beating up his wife when he returns home. The wife is then captured crying but as a loyal wife, she sticks to her husband and tries to fix things, but with no luck as the man keeps pushing her away.

As such, she ends up quizzing herself why she is letting her husband torment her and ends up committing suicide to put an end to all of this.

The video was shared on YouTube yesterday and has seen the Mari Mari hit-maker getting rave reviews from fans. So far, the video has garnered over 4 000 views.

“Deep song, it’s literally speaking to the broken hearted me right now,” commented one Miss Mayita on Instagram.

“Wow, sad love story. Ndaneta nekunyengerera. Ndabva ndanzwa kuda kuita kari kachallenge,” commented another Melo_Dee.

Queen Vee, a former model seems to have hit the right chord with this song as some openly said they had never taken her music seriously, but because of this track, she got their attention.

“I’ve never taken interest in your music, but this is really a good tune,” commented one Eric Chitezvi on YouTube.

Commented Money Thrower: “Queen Vee is really an under-rated vocalist especially in Zim. Great song, well done. These are issues facing most women in our day to day lives. . . so sad.”

Despite coming up with quality music videos with the help of multi-award-winning dancehall artiste Buffalo Souljah, Queen Vee has not had it easy in the music industry with some outright saying she cannot sing. So bad has it been that her 2019 song titled Vavengi that featured Souljah Love was rejected publicly on ZiFM Stereo although it was accommodated by other local radio stations.

This has not deterred her is she continues to drop singles that have been enjoyed by her fans. Losing battle is her second single this year after releasing 1 on 1 last month that has attracted over 60 000 views on YouTube although it has no visuals.