TALENTED gospel musician Tafadzwa Mukaro yesterday said working with veteran gospel artiste Mechanic Manyeruke on her forthcoming single Mweya Mutsvene was a great experience characterised by some unforgettable moments during which she drew priceless lessons from the gospel legend.

The song is set to be released soon with an accompanying video.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style yesterday, Mukaro said working with Manyeruke was a dream that came true as the lessons she learnt would help shape her career.

“It was an amazing experience in the studio with Baba Manyeruke, a legend who has a wealth of experience in gospel music. He is a very disciplined and dedicated musician. I was humbled by the drive and dedication that he showed towards the collaboration and the ideas he had in ensuring it was a success,” she said.

Mukaro said she had loved Manyeruke’s “original style of music including his unique guitar playing” from childhood and featuring him on her song came with enriching lessons.

“It was such an honour to have him featuring on the song Mweya Mutsvene as I learnt so much from him about creativity in composing songs, that one should be very dedicated and prayerful when composing music,” she said.

Mukaro said she decided to work with Manyeruke on the song because of the message and narrative she wanted to convey to people.

“The song Mweya Mutsvene required someone wise and mature and Baba Manyeruke was the perfect person to help put across the message in the song which is about someone with problems and after sharing them, no one has solutions to them nor does anyone understand,” she said.

“The person then realises that their problems can only be solved by the Holy Spirit and that healing of the broken heart is from the Holy Spirit. Many people suffer from stress in life which can lead to mental health problems if they don’t find help.”

Mukaro said the message in the song gave assurance that the Holy Spirit healed broken hearts and played an intercessory role during tough times.

“My compositions are inspired by the word of God. I thank God for the gift of composing songs. The Lord impresses messages onto my heart to share with others and always the songs minister to me first before I share with everyone else. I also compose songs from the inspiration of my personal experiences and I then share so as to strengthen and inspire others,” she said.

Mukaro reckoned that composing music was not easy during the early years of her career when she released her debut six-track album Mwari Anesu in 2014, but she had since mastered the art because of being consistent in releasing songs backed by her Faith Movers band.

“I am pleased that I am settling well in this music industry. It has been a great journey of self-discovery and growth for which I am thankful to God. I have also had the opportunity of working with different producers who have added value to my appreciation of music,” she said.

“I continue to strive to grow in music and also spiritually as a Christian. I have big dreams and I thank the Almighty as he keeps revitalising my energy towards my calling to minister the word of God through music. I am thankful of where the Lord has taken me.”

With her composing and vocal prowess, Mukaro has become a force to reckon with on the competitive gospel scene, a feat that normally takes ages for up-and-coming musicians as one has to toil in the studio for years to be recognised and receive fair airplay on the different radio stations.

She is the voice behind gospel hits that include Makanaka, Ndashanda, Mhinduro, Kupisirira Kune Zuva, Tinomurumbidza and Munamato Unesimba.

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