Pletnev and Barkhatov (2016) state that SMEs are playing a pivotal role in today’s economy. Due to this pivotal role, most countries in Europe have directed their focus to SMEs so that they have become the epicenter of the industrial revolution (Stanciu, 2014). Africa in general and Zimbabwe in particular has in the past years promoted the growth of SMEs. This has been done through the indigenous policy and the implementation of policies such as the Zimbabwe Government Strategic Policy on SMEs. Despite numerous efforts made by the government, when SMEs fail they blame the State and overlook owner-manager shortfalls (Gwarada, 2020). It is imperative to analyze the impact of SME owner-manager characteristics on decision making. Interested individuals can join the online survey by following this–gKWFimSZa-ceSFqsRK6Mm8ht0hmhg/viewform?usp=sf_link

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