Emerging Gospel artist, Malvern Mavhimira has roped a Zimbabwean based seasoned gospel artist, Nendoro real name (Tinashe Mupambawashe) to give a cutting edge to his just released single titled Ndichaimba Rumbidzo.

By Staff Reporter

In a unique fashion, Mavhimira, who hails from Buhera and currently based in Capetown, South Africa has brought a new flavour to the gospel fraternity with his ability to play the guitar and keyboard.

Speaking about his collaboration with Nendoro says he believes in working with others for the betterment of a product. He added that as gospel musicians, their duo wasn’t anomalous as they are serving one Master, Jesus Christ.

“ I believe in working with others, no man is an island the kingdom of God is not divided, as gospel artists we shouldn’t hesitate collaborations. This will help our music to grow by bringing together our collective efforts” he said

Mavhimira’s professional music dates back to 2015 when he signed as a brand manager for a gospel outfit known as Forever Praise Crew which was fronted by Sandra Chirenje.

“I started my professional music journey in 2015, when I was signed as a brand manager for Forever Praise Crew which was being fronted by Sandra Chirenje. I want to attribute that my growth has been greatly influenced by positions I have held in this genre’s structures” he said

“In 2018, I recorded my first single titled Jesu Haakurase, and that birthed my solo musical career” he added

Mavhimira says music has always been his passion and having worked as a musical advisor and an administrator to a variety of artists shaped his appreciation to his personal music.

“I have worked with quite a number of artists as a music advisor and administrator. My passion has always been singing, and also as a guitarist and keyboardist, the blending of these three have played a crucial role in arousing my inspirations to come up with new songs especially when rehearsing alone”

Speaking on why he chose gospel music, Mavhimira said he held a strong belief that he was mandated to serve God through the gifts that have been placed upon his life.

“I entered into gospel music because I have a strong belief that I am mandated to serve God through the gifts that He has put upon my life and whatever I do must lead people to Jesus Christ” he said

Mavhimira is working tirelessly to record a number of albums that will be available to all gospel music lovers and he believes that in the next five years he would have set up a big music management company that will be helping several artists with issues of guidance and management.

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