Daniel Itai – The Zimbabwe Daily

Masvingo, Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe now has its first campus radio station which is situated at the Great Zimbabwe University (GZU).

Many have welcomed the move from the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) which is responsible for the issuing of broadcasting licenses.

Vivian Marara-Zhangazha the director of Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations (ZACRAS) said the inaugural GZU campus radio station was a good call in the development of the media realm.

 “This is a great development as this will ensure information sharing and participation amongst students. Additionally, broadcast media students will be able to undertake both theory and practical studio broadcasting lessons in preparation for entrance into the mainstream industry.

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The hope is that despite the campus radio being part of a state institution, students will be allowed to exercise editorial independence in the operations of the station, which is one of the basic tenants of the media so as to further academic freedom at the institution,” said the ZACRAS director.

Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union (ZICOSU) president Pijiwest Nhamburo, also welcomed the move by BAZ, “there is more joy in witnessing development taking place in our own time and seeing it with our own eyes and as a student, I take this as a great honor to the students community since its a record breaking initiative that has been launched for the first time in one of our institutions of higher learning and we hope this be found in every province of Zimbabwe.

Moreover, since 1980 information dissemination has been a problem between the Institution administrations and the key stakeholders who happen to be the students in matters of urgency and need and having campus radio is a milestone achievement for our leaners and administrators as it eases communication barriers between the two layers hence, the necessity of campus radio stations.

It is now incumbent upon institutions to take this seriously and invest in these radio stations for them to have easy communication within their campuses and beyond.

Income generating through conducting adverts for companies and harnessing talent and converting knowledge into formidable skill for our students in media field is also of paramount importance.”