GOSPEL musician and preacher Mambo Dhuterere has disclosed that his wife is his fortress against controversies that arise in the music industry.


The musician said working with his wife hedged him against potential temptations in the industry.

“There are things that happen and the fact that we are human beings means there is need for one to put measures in place to protect themselves. Even at shows, there are stories that might be created that Dhuterere did this and that like the ones that circulated on social media, so that will never affect our relationship with my wife because my wife would have been around everytime,” he said.

The Dare Guru hitmaker told NewsDay Life & Style that he adopted the culture in Botswana and that has protected him over the years.

“In Botswana, you find some women who are very loose, so I realised that for me to survive in that country, the only way was for my wife to always be closer to me and one thing that I noticed in Botswana is women respect you when your wife is there,” he said.

Mambo Dhuterere said if female fans with ulterior motives realised his wife was present they would not bother him.

“Anywhere I go, I go with my wife and if female fans see me with my wife, they will show respect,” he said.

He said he was unfazed by social media claims which suggested that his music was slowly fading.

Mambo Dhuterere said he had a culture of releasing one album a year, especially in August, and his fans should look forward to new work as he was not a spent force.

“Let them talk but they must know that I am there and will release at the right time,” he said.

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