Gospel artiste embarks on live worship

GOSPEL artiste Clarence “Kirah” Garura has embarked on a music project titled Lockdown Live Worship with Kirah and The Levites aimed at praising God online since live shows were stopped due to the lockdown imposed by the government to curb the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).


“The project came about as a result of the lockdown after we realised that many people are uncertain of their future after the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to worship God online together with our followers and supporters across the globe since we cannot do live shows because of the pandemic,” Kirah told NewsDay Life & Style.

Kirah said he penned new motivational gospel tracks which they will sing during the online sessions every Sunday evening.

“l decided to pen a few songs that will bring hope to the hopeless even as we worship God. We went on to invest in our art and decided to have live sessions of our music on Facebook and Instagram. This is proving to be soul soothing to many as evidenced by the number of people who watch us live and comment,” he said.

“This will keep us busy and help the masses watching to draw closer to God for divine intervention in the midst of COVID-19. Even as they worship God together with us, music speaks and appeals to the soul.”

He also urged fellow musicians not to despair during these difficult days but bridge the gap, encourage and motivate the masses.

“We need to use the lockdown period to our advantage, by way of sharpening our skills and also linking up with fans online. I also urge everyone to respect lockdown rules and maintain social distancing at all times even as they regularly sanitise their hands,” he said.

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