ZKU engages members

Harare Bureau
ZIMBABWE Karate Union president, Joe Rugwete, says they have engaged their members regarding the way forward on complying with the World Karate Federation statutes.

The karate mother body have been operating in violation of the WKF statutes amended in 2018, which prohibit affiliates from mixing semi-contact and full contact karate.

According to the WKF constitution, Article 5.15, “National Federations are prohibited from being affiliated with any karate organisation not recognised by WKF.

“They are also prohibited from having any sporting relationships with such non-recognised organisations or with any suspended WKF National Federation.

“Non-compliance with this prohibition will give rise to disciplinary sanctions, illegal double affiliation would constitute just grounds for disaffiliation from WKF.”

Rugwete said they were still getting feedback from their members on the way forward.

“We are still receiving more feedback from members. We extended the deadline to 12 June.

“We have not yet formally engaged SRC because we are waiting for a concrete position from members.

“Everybody has got the opportunity to come up with what they want and what will happen is going to depend on what people are going to say about how we proceed.

“It’s not going to be a decision for the president or vice-president. It’s a decision of members of ZKU, semi and full contact.

“If we don’t comply we will get expelled, so, on this issue we really need to get both sides, semi-contact and full contact,” Rugwete said.

Rugwete said they needed to resolve the issue in a way that will benefit the sport and they have also sought legal advice.

“I don’t think we are running out of time because we have started talking about that issue.

“It is a very sensitive issue, it has to be handled very carefully, that’s why we sought legal advice,” said Rugwete.

However, it appears there are already some differences, within the executive, about how to proceed.

ZKU vice president, Tawanda Mufundisi, whose background is in full contact, appears not in favour of a split.

“This constitution has been like this, has been in operation for a long time even with the previous executives it was like this, it has been flowing like this,’’ he said.

“There is nothing wrong with that.

“But, I can smell some little individual interests, without thinking about the karatekas.

“What is so tricky is the way the split is being made more important than the 10-year plan that was requested by the SRC that Zimbabwe karate must present.’’

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