Ndadzamirwa: A deeply-felt offering

CINDY Rufaro Munyavi’s latest single, Ndadzamirwa, came out last week and quickly attracted thumbs-up on various online platforms.

SOUNDTRACK with Phillip Chidavaenzi

Thoughtful and reflective, the song easily plumbs the depths of human emotion and — with its message and gospel flavour — compels you to seek the divine. Cindy sings of the love and grace of God, which lifts one from the miry clay and pulls them out of the fires of trouble.

When you listen to the song, it creates echoes deep inside you, carrying you along to faraway places deep inside you.

Culled off the songbird’s forthcoming album — No1IsSafe — produced by DJ Dro of Bryce Nation, the song is so powerful that it makes you feel like lifting up your hands in worship. Well, it makes you feel like… speaking in tongues. That is just how beautiful and impactful it is. A well-executed piece of music.

This is no surprise because Cindy has been tested by time as a musician, and has proved herself worthy of the name, what with many of her contemporaries from the urban grooves movement having fallen by the wayside or jumped ship in order to survive in the often cold and cruel streets of music.

From her early days when she announced her arrival on the music scene with Kukuda/Loving You in 2006, Cindy has remained consistent, maturing in song like vintage wine, building around herself a loyal following of fans she has christened “Pacesetters” after her track of a similar title.

Pacesetter is themed around a woman who has had enough of her man’s shenanigans and decides to cut her own path in life, literally setting the pace, what with the belief that two can play the game? Pacy, chic and modern, it is an award-winning smash hit.

A self-confessed hopeless romantic, one can confidently say Cindy has taken ownership of the love music genre with songs such as Ndidzorere Moyo Wangu, Parere Moyo and Nerudo as well as the duets Ndini Ndinaye (featuring Roki and Junior Brown), Shaina Neni (Mudiwa Hood) and Nguva Ichauya (Nox).

Parere Moyo — a follow-up to Ndidzorere Moyo Wangu — is about finding love again after a heartbreak. What makes these songs so relatable is the fact that they speak of a journey we have all travelled, almost like a rite of passage, a path that many more will walk.

Her magic shines in Ndini Ndinaye, which features the extremely gifted Roki. At the height of his musical prowess, Roki could sing with the angels, especially if one can recall the deeply felt Aiyaho (2008) and Ichanaya (2014).

Cindy’s versatility in music could be another ace up her sleeve. Dai, off the 2016 MVC album, is fast and catchy, seemingly a departure from her traditional slow, soulful ballads, but still well-executed. The song traces a battle of emotions depicted through unvoiced longings and secrets of the heart.

Off the same album comes the track Mubvunzo, a prayerful cry in which the persona seeks divine guidance in finding that one true love of your life. This is an apt song given how many a young woman has sought love in all the wrong places, often with consequences to match.

Cindy has many things working for her – what with her striking looks that cannot escape notice and a fashion sense to match? It is the complete package for a poster girl.

In more ways than one, Cindy is like a throwback to the days of the likes of RnB goddesses Aliyah, Brandy, Monica and perhaps Mary J Blige, who provided the soundtracks to our teenage years.

With 14 years in the music industry, one can indeed say Cindy has come of age in music. And, indeed, Ndadzamirwa confirms that truth.

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