OLINDA Marowa is one of the country’s finest gospel musician. Her discography is made up of five offerings — Nyasha (2007), Mufaro Wangu (2011), Jehovah Tshuvah (2014), Moyo Wangu (2017) and Yahweh (2019). She is working on a single set for release this year, which will be followed by a full album next year.


She recently got married to Mike Mapiya in a traditional ceremony in Harare. She speaks to NewsDay Life & Style….

Wedding Bells

Wedding preparations are going on well regardless of the lockdown and all the ups and downs going on.


I’ve considered doing online shows and I did a Facebook Live ministration on my page, Olinda Marowa Kad, and the response from my fans was quite good and I’m looking forward to do more of these live performances even on Instagram and YouTube as well.

Greatest challenge

Losing my mother and my first husband. My mother was very supportive musically and her death affected me so much.The late husband was my manager, helping me a lot in tackling a number of things in the industry.The loss shook me and at one point I never thought I was going to continue with the music but I thank God for the strength.

The Limelight

I give credit to God for enabling me to stand strong no matter how harsh a storm might be. In life, people have different perspectives concerning certain things and as a public figure it takes wisdom to be able to manage yourself. Emotional Intelligence helps a lot, knowing what to say, how, when and where to say things. So basically I can say wherever there is negative publicity your response can do more damage than good.

Going International

I’m currently in the United Kingdom and I’m working day and night to ensure my music gets international recognition. I have managed to get some connections I’m looking forward to work with this side and I’m sure all will be well.

Music as a ministry

To me my music is more of a ministry. I delight so much to hear a lot of testimonies from people on how their lives are transformed through my ministration. However, financially I have been rewarded fairly and I’m grateful to God.


Baba naMai (Charles and Olivia) Charamba have always been my inspiration. I appreciate their work so much.To me they are more of my parents, standing with me in many things. I also salute my mother, Deborah Fraser. She is so selfless and her love is so tangible and she inspired me so much as well.

Best-Kept Secret
I’m a journalist by profession and I have been doing some news anchoring on Zim Community News, an online news publication and I’m also having a column I will be writing on encouraging women.


Of late, due to lockdown, I have been indoors but here in the UK we are now allowed to walk to the park and enjoy sun basking since it’s summer time, so I enjoy doing that with my family.

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