Chronicle Reporter

SMILE for Africa, a faith based organisation in the country, donated food hampers to residents of Nketa 8 as part of its initiative to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on vulnerable members of society.

The donation of the food hampers consisting of mealie meal, sugar, cooking oil, salt and bars of soap and sanitary wear, was made at a community hall in the suburb on Thursday.

Speaking on the sidelines of the donation that saw 250 people benefiting the food hampers, Smile for Africa director Mr Albert Mavhunga said his organisation is targeting more households in the city.

“As an organisation, we have a programme where we distribute food hampers to the less privileged which started in 2010.

“This is part of our objectives to empower communities and in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to reach out to the elderly and disabled with basic commodities,” said Mr Mavhunga.

Mr Mavhunga said the donation is after taking heed of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s declaration of the coronavirus pandemic as a State of National Disaster.

“The declaration by the President called on stakeholders to come on board and assist in any way they can and that is exactly what we are doing,” he said.

One of the beneficiaries, wheelchair bound, Mr David Zulu said the donation has come at the right time as he was falling to fend for his family.

“As a disabled person using a wheelchair, I do not have the power to push and shove with other customers at mealie-meal queues so this donation is a blessing that came at the right time,” said Mr Zulu.

Another beneficiary Ms Alice said: “I do not work and with this deadly virus ravaging people’s lives, I have not been spared either and I’m very grateful to the organisation that made the donation,” said Ms Manjera.

The food hamper distribution is expected to be extended to other suburbs in the city in the coming weeks.