So, you are thinking about what you want to do for a career. It might be that you’re coming to the end of high school (or know someone who is), you’re about to finish college, or you fancy something new because your current job just isn’t doing it for you now – or maybe it never did. Now you are wondering what to do next.

While searching online and flicking through prospectuses, you may have thought about what you want to get out of your new profession. You may have decided that this role needs to have meaning, make a difference, and give you the chance to advance yourself further if you wish. Many career choices fulfill these points – and nursing is one of them.

If the idea of caring for people who are most at need will give you the fulfillment you need, and have the opportunity to help them plus their loved ones through what could be a difficult time in their lives, then becoming a nurse may be the perfect role for you. These are some of the best reasons why nursing will be a great career move: see what a difference you can make to your community and our world.

You will work within an honorable field

Nurses are heroes. If you decide to go into this field, then you will be getting into a profession with a great history of helping other people – remember, as a practical nurse, you’ll be there to help people through the most trying times in their lives. Working in the healthcare sector will be something that you will be able to be proud of throughout your career.

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You can work in a variety of places

There are many different types of healthcare facilities that hire nurses – and not just hospitals. If you wish, you can get a role in nursing homes, rehabilitation clinics, hospices, outpatient centers, long-term care facilities, or hospices.

The job outlook is positive

It is always a good idea to check out future job prospects before you begin a new career. It is thought that, from 2014 to 2024, employment for practical and vocational nurses will grow by 16%.

This growth is attributed to the aging of the ‘baby boom’ population. It is also because of the prevalence of chronic conditions that patients need skilled nursing facilities for care, such as obesity and diabetes.

You will serve other people through all stages of life

Many people become nurses because they love serving others. If you go into this profession, then you will have the privilege of serving people through all stages of life: from birth to death.

Nurses will be there when someone learns of their pregnancy and will take care of them and their growing baby – plus to provide care when the child is born. You may also be there to give comfort to patients when they draw their last breaths.

You will learn about the healthcare industry

When you become a nurse, you will have a greater understanding of how the healthcare process works – from when someone is admitted until they are discharged. This will help if you or a loved one ends up requiring medical attention. You will also get the chance to find out which hospitals, floors, and doctors have the best reputations, and if there are any facilities with issues.

Getting further education will enhance nursing’s appearance

Becoming a professional in your chosen career requires a specific entry level of education, and there are plans for nursing to do this by setting minimum requirements as a bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN). Healthcare is becoming more complex, and there is an increased focus on preventative care – so nurses need to expand their knowledge to keep up with these trends. As a nurse, you can do your bit by studying for such a qualification and better yourself in the process.

You may get tuition help from your employer

This can vary by organization, yet there will be many large healthcare systems that will offer nurses some assistance with tuition when going for a bachelor’s degree if they agree to continue working for their employer for a certain amount of time. Most will offer you a reimbursement if you achieve a specific grade, while some might even pay for your textbooks. So if you’re looking to complete a course such as Baylor University’s accelerated BSN program, then your institution may help you to achieve your nursing educational goal.

You can become a leader

If you decide to get a BSN degree, this opens up the opportunity for upward mobility – meaning you get the chance to go for more leadership positions. So, once you have got your degree, then you are more qualified to take on these types of roles. Some of the ones you might be able to go for include:

  • Charge nurse
  • Clinical supervisor
  • Operating room team lead
  • Unit director

Flexible schedules are available

Nurses rarely work 9-to-5 jobs – there’s always flexible scheduling found throughout this profession. Your shifts may range from between four to 12 hours a day, so you can select the one that best suits your life. If you are studying or have another role, for example, then your work can be fitted in around your other commitments.

You can grow within your profession

You can always find the opportunity to move into other areas of nursing if you wish to make this change, so you can follow your passion and modify your specialties. You might, for instance, want to work on trauma cases in the emergency room – or if you love children, then you may find enjoyment by getting a role within a pediatrics department.

You can make a difference to the world

We all get troubled by bad news that appears in the media – so, if you are the type of person who cannot stay and watch people suffering in our world, you can help. You can be a healing force when you become a nurse and make a difference for the better in other people’s lives.