AvATrade Overview

AvATrade is amidst some of the most popular and reputable trading brokers recommended for use by Zimbabweans who are new to Forex Trading. It is highly regulated, easy to navigate, provides a broad variety of tradable instruments and has competitive pricing.

AvATrade and beginner Zimbabwean traders

It is imperative for beginner traders to ensure that the broker they choose has enough educational tools and resources to aid them in their journey to becoming more advanced traders.

AvATrade does not only offer these tools but makes extensive provision for beginner traders by providing a detailed guideline which contains essential information that traders will need to familiarize themselves with before they can start trading.

The guideline provided by AvATrade includes, but is not limited to topics such as:

  • What is Forex?
  • What are CFDs?
  • What are Options?
  • What is currency trading?
  • What is the Stock Market?
  • What are Financial Derivatives?
  • What is Metatrader?

In addition to this comprehensive guide providing traders with essential information, AvATrade also makes provision for various other informative, helpful, and insightful mediums.

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AvATrade Blog

The AvATrade blog is updated on a daily basis, up to several times a day, with various topics that beginner Zimbabweans can read with the purpose of providing them with additional information on what is going on in the world.

AvATrade Trading Videos

The purpose behind providing traders with a visual aid concerning trading is that it is often easier for traders to familiarize and learn by being able to see theory meet practice.

AvATrade makes extensive provision for a variety of such videos such as:

  • Advanced Trading Tools – 14 video tutorials
  • Assets and Tools Tutorials – 14 video tutorials
  • Beginner Lessons – 9 video tutorials
  • Trading Platforms – 7 video tutorials
  • Trading Safety – 3 video tutorials
  • Trading Strategies – 10 video tutorials

AvATrade Economic Indicators

This section provides traders with an explanation pertaining to what economic indicators are, what types there are, what the importance is of an Economic Calendar and how it can be used.

Beginner Zimbabwean traders will find this information useful as it is a factor that they will come across when they start trading Forex and being able to utilize economic indicators, the calendar and other relevant data will aid them greatly in improving their skills.

AvATrade Order Types

Before beginner traders can execute their first trade, it is imperative that they learn what an order is, what order types there are, what AvATrade offers and how these order types can be used while trading.

Beginner Zimbabwean traders will be introduced to the following order types while trading:

  • Market Orders
  • Pending Orders which consists of limit orders and stop orders
  • One Cancels the Other Orders, or OCOs
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss Order

AvATrade E-book

AvATrade provides beginner Zimbabweans with access to an E-book which they can use in their trading journey towards becoming more advanced traders.

Beginner traders who are interested merely have to complete an online form which requires their basic details such as First and Last name, email address, country of residence and phone number.

AvATrade Sharp Trader

AvATrade is fully committed to providing not only beginner traders, but also more advanced traders, with knowledge and education by providing access to Sharp Trader which is a premium educational website that hosts exclusive content only for AvATrade customers.

The website consists of a variety of videos, articles, daily news, and additional trading tools that traders can utilize when trading, and to improve not only their skills, but their knowledge and experience as well.

AvATrade Overview

In addition to the already comprehensive offering on training material, tools, and information, AvATrade provides beginner Zimbabwean traders with a demo account.

This demo account can be set up in a few quick steps and can be used as a practice account to sharpen the skills and experience of beginner traders in a risk-free environment and by making use of virtual money.

Traders can select the option to open a demo account, provide their particulars and register the account. Upon registration, traders will immediately be taken to the AvATrade Web Trading page where traders can start utilizing the demo account immediately.

Apart from being able to use the Web Trader, traders can also download and utilize MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 from where they will be able to access their demo trading account along with access to the same features as with a live account.

AvATrade’s Offer

AvATrade offers beginner Zimbabweans a trading platform that is easy to understand and get to know while they are learning to trade and in addition, the offering is quite competitive and comprehensive as well.

Beginner Zimbabwean traders can open a live account with AvATrade from as little as $100 which will provide them with access to some of the most competitive spreads in addition to a wide variety of financial instruments that can be traded.

New traders who register a live account with AvATrade will also receive a first time signup bonus of $200 when they make the required minimum deposit.

Should they deposit more than the required $100, they become eligible for a larger bonus depending on the initial deposit amount.

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When beginner Zimbabwean traders start trading with AvATrade they will also have access to  ultra-low spreads which will be determined by the type of account that they choose in addition to the financial instrument they are trading.

AvATrade also provides traders with a certain maximum level of leverage so that beginner Zimbabwean traders can open more positions despite their initial capital deposited.

It is however advised that beginner traders familiarize themselves with leverage along with the rewards and risks involved with using it in trading leveraged financial instruments.

AvATrade provides the ultimate Forex platforms for beginner Zimbabwean traders who are just starting out in trading. The offer is comprehensive and there is more than enough educational tools and training material to provide traders with enough theory.

The demo account provides the perfect practice environment that beginner traders can use to improve their trading skills and experience without the risk of incurring losses as virtual money is used on the demo account.

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