A team of 17 doctors has volunteered to offer free consultation services to the people across the country during the coronavirus lockdown.


In an interview, Dr Sameh Grace said the doctors had realised that people were panicking at their homes during the lockdown and there was need for their intervention to calm the situation.

“People feel insecure; they need somebody who will talk to them professionally. We attend to emergency cases only countrywide from 8:00 to 04:00pm. This is done over the phone and via WhatsApp so that we advise them what to do about their illness,’’ Grace said.

Another doctor, Hassan Ashmawy, said the move was his own initiative after realising that people were not able to move around during this period, adding that there were 17 of them with different specialities.

Bulawayo residents welcomed the initiative saying it was critical during the lockdown to avert a health crisis.

Ward 24, Nketa residents association chairman Wingle Nhliziyo said the initiative taken by the doctors would go a long way in assisting residents to access medical attention.

“It has become easy for residents to look for treatment since they would have got consultation for free. Some residents who fall sick get stuck in their homes not that they do not know where to find doctors, but because they do not have consultation fees,’’ Nhliziyo said.

He said from the start, patients have been struggling to raise consultation fees.