Royal Trumpet blows away COVID-19 anxiety

Royal Trumpet music outfit has dropped a jingle titled Coronavirus Shall Pass as a way of consoling a panic-stricken world in the wake of the outbreak of the vicious coronavirus (COVID-19) that has killed thousands of people across the globe.


In the song, the group assures the world that God will stretch his healing hand to end the global pandemic that has struck fear in many people’s hearts following a macabre harvest of lives.

Leader of the group, Benjamin Chimoyo, who is also a Roman Catholic composer, confirmed the new development to NewsDay Life & Style.

He said they thought of joining the world in the fight against the pandemic through music, highlighting that the jingle was already being played across various television and radio stations across the world alongside its accompanying video.

“We, as Royal Trumpet, thought of joining the rest of the world in the fight against the dreadful monster, the coronavirus. We have come up with a jingle on coronavirus which has both a video and an audio,” he said.

“We did the jingle in English because we are targeting the rest of the world and it is now being played at some radio and television stations in the world.”

Chimoyo expressed disquiet over the amount of fake news on COVID-19 being spread through social media platforms.

“We have also been observing what has been trending on social media, some fake news, and we also highlighted in our jingle for people to listen to relevant authorities,” he said.

The jingle opens by giving people hope that God will come through for them in fighting the global pandemic.

“As God will stretch a hand, we also have a role to play in the fight against this coronavirus by following religiously the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines to conquer the monster; that is, maintaining social distance, washing hands and self-isolation among other precautionary measures.”

Chimoyo said they decided to produce the single because artistes had a social obligation to disseminate important information to their fans through music.

“We thought of adding our voice because as artistes we also have a role to play in the music industry. We are also worried about Africa because normally we take long to respond to natural disasters. In Zimbabwe we are urging all people to comply urgently with WHO regulations. Let us not wait until we have a sick relative,” he said.

The musician, who has two albums under his belt, recently released a video for his other single, Tendai Kunababa, and has collaborated with veteran gospel musician Kudzi Nyakudya.

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