A ZIMBABWEAN actress and niece to the late veteran author Charles Mungoshi, Patience Mungoshi-Machaka together with her son Takunda, have been roped into an Australian global television series titled Stateless.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style from her Australian base, Machaka said she was excited by the development, which she described as a stepping stone in her new career.

“This is a TV series on the Australian ABC channel, but it is going to be global because some of the main actors are based in the United States, United Kingdom and Netherlands,” she said.

“We are hoping this series opens a huge door of opportunities for us and we are happy that we are part of the cast in the new movie. It was lovely to rub shoulders with the highs of the Australian television industry.”

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Mungoshi-Machaka said this was her debut attempt at film and they experienced some hurdles, but her desire was to grow in her newfound passion.

The recording, she said, took place between May and July 2019.

“At times we would be required to be on set as early as 5am and for a five-year-old (Takunda), it’s tricky, but we conquered because as soon as we would get to the filming set, Takunda would be all smiles,” she said.

Mungoshi-Machaka plays the role of Doris and her son Takunda plays Solomon in the series, which will be broadcast on ABC every Sunday at 8:40pm starting on March 1 this year.