Of all their well-known hits that made the waves last year, the protest song, Into Oyenzayo Siyayizonda became the theme song of the oversubscribed DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small show at Bulawayo’s BAC Leisure on Saturday night, as patrons protested over continuous power cuts and stoppages that disturbed the flow of the show.

Just after midnight when the most sought-after duo of Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa made their way into the packed venue, they had a torrid time navigating the DJ’s box as dozens of fans mobbed them.

Just after they got into the booth, the unexpected happened. Power was cut off.

The development triggered unrest among fans. Into Oyenzayo Siyayizonda became the “hit song” probably because it was the only Kabza song the fans could recite to register their displeasure.

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After 10 minutes, everyone was happy, dancing to Amapiano after the back-up generator was switched on.

During those 10 minutes before partying resumed there was pushing and shoving with fans trying to get closer to the stage so that they could have a closer view of the artistes.

The pushing and shoving continued, prompting DJ Maphorisa to ask fans to relax and enjoy the entertainment.

“We came all the way from South Africa so that we can have a good time with you. We can’t have problems with you. We can’t be asking you to have fun with us. May you stop pushing and shoving so that we can start the party,” begged Maphorisa. After an hour of Kabza De Small taking fans into a journey of deep house, patrons were forced to chant “Into Oyenzayo Siyayizonda” again.

The impatient fans went on to wrestle bouncers who were manning the VVIP section close to the DJ’s box and destroyed the barricade.
After the dust had settled, the Mzansi duo took fans into a journey of music for at least three hours.