RESIDENTS of Mabelreign, Harare, have called on the city council to spruce up Sherwood Golf Course saying its neglect has led to an increase in crimes that includes muggings, rape and murder in its vicinity.

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The residents also said the neglected golf course has now been turned into a love nest by youths who also have taken it as a haven for drug abuse among other vices.

Speaking in separate interviews on Thursday last week, residents said there was need to spruce up the golf course and make it user-friendly.

“There are problems. It is a dangerous place at night and over the weekends, you find that this becomes a haven for sex with maids and gardeners who have no other alternative. These are their lodges. On Mondays, there will be rubbish and condoms all over. This mess needs to be sorted.

“There are muggings taking place. Every time you drop off by the corner there, you are mugged and women fear being raped. Last year, a pre-school teacher was murdered raped and dumbed there. It is now like a bush. It is not safe even for motorists, for our children, us as women and even our husbands,” one resident said.

Last week, council housing director Addmore Nhekairo and ward 16 councillor Denford Ngadziore raised concern over the place.

Former Harare mayor and past President of the Zimbabwe Golf Association, Muchadeyi Masunda said it was sad that most clubs in the capital were being neglected.

“What has been a source of bother is that a lot of these clubs have been run down by its membership and there has been a relentless exodus of members from other clubs and a lot of people are gravitating towards Royal Harare Golf Club because that club is well run, it is run as a multi-billion-dollar business,” he said.