LOCAL praise and worship music outfit, Spirit Praise Choir has incorporated 24 new voices following their recent oversubscribed auditions held at Houz of Bruv Studios in Harare.

Choir director Learnmore Tawengwa told NewsDay Life & Style last week that initially they were searching for nine new members.

“We are happy to have started our new year with a successful search for new talent that has joined our Spirit Praise Choir. We had called for all singers, sopranos, tenors and altos to come and try-out their singing expertise and indeed it was an oversubscribed audition,” he said.

Tawengwa said they were bringing in new ideas and new music as well as diversity to help strengthen their brand.

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“The brand is growing. Due to our products, One Voice Concert and Worship Moments, we are seeing a lot of people following our progress as shown by the number of people who came to register for auditions,” he said.

“We wanted only nine voices, but ended up taking 24 voices because the registered number was too much given the number of gifts who came. We were left with no option, but to increase the numbers.”

He said as part of artistes’ development programme at a Spirit Praise Choir they give their members an opportunity to feature on their DVD programmes every year.

The choir launched its brand to corporates and stakeholders at a red carpet event held in Harare late last year.

“Understanding what you are called to do, seeing where you are going and knowing where you want to go has always given us the strength to achieve something in life,” he said.

The choir’s productions include One Voice series that has seen them recording two music albums, Yatokwana Nguva and Vatatu Mumwechete and two live DVDs, Worship Moments Series 1 and 2.