THERE is always a scapegoat for failure with this government. Failure is not in their vocabulary. The so-called youth have been absorbed into a web of lies.

By Tongai Chando, Our Reader

I had an encounter with a youth who recently joined us in the diaspora and his interpretation of Zimbabwe’s problems was about it being a landlocked country.

I was stunned to hear this from a young fellow who is at university here. I happen to be friends with his brother and helped sort out his papers to travel, but I didn’t expect that he was so brainwashed. Failure is contagious until you get rid of the source.

Not receiving enough rainfall does not constitute hunger for the country, that is why you need commercial farmers with plan B.

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Despite Zimbabwe not receiving enough rain this season, Zanu PF must simply admit failure because the country has thousands of dams that can be used to irrigate land to avert hunger.