tHE Zimbabwe Insurance Brokers ZIB, as the only ISO 9001:2015 certified broker, prides itself as the true all-in-one insurance provider in Zimbabwe since 1985 with offices in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare.

The concept of a one-stop shop has always been around since the early 1930s as a driver to customer satisfaction through efficiently providing many diverse services and products under one roof.

ZIB mirrors this concept through incorporating the concept in its business model of offering all classes of short-term insurance, employee benefits and risk management consultancy to its target market.

Providing tailor-made risk solutions to customers and exceeding stakeholders’ expectations through honesty, integrity, consistency and servitude, enables ZIB to cater for all insurance needs of large corporates, small to medium enterprises (regardless of the economic sector) and individuals.

ZIB has been a dedicated insurance broking firm for over 35 years, during which it has ensured that its clients receive value for their money.

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This is achieved through superior customer service of speedy settlement of claims, ensuring that price remains competitive by scanning the market regularly, staying ahead of competitors through service delivery and the provision of risk management solutions.

The firm provides a diverse product range to meet the needs of all sectors of the economy spanning from assets/ property (fire and burglary).

Its portfolio covers motor vehicle, travel, breakdown, goods-in-transit, bullion cover, electronic equipment, fidelity guarantee, marine cargo and hull, bonds and guarantees, group personal accident, cyber risks, employee and public liability, insured pension funds, self administered funds, group life assurance schemes and self insurance schemes.

Assets policy
This policy covers property belonging to an organisation’s operation against accidental loss or damage as a result of the following perils such as fire, lightning, thunderbolt, explosion and implosion, earthquake and earth tremor, non-political riot strike and malicious acts.

The policy also covers damage arising from accidental discharge of materials.

Cover can also be extended to include sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage to property arising out of or due to electrical, electronic or mechanical derangement or breakdown which manifests itself during the period of insurance from any cause not excluded by the policy.

Tourism hospitality products
Zimbabwe Insurance Brokers Limited structures fire and allied perils insurance covers to suit hospitality establishments that are constructed using unconventional materials such as thatch, canvas, wood or local materials typically found in bush lodges, beach lodges or safari-tented camps.

Alternative policies structured for hospitality establishments that are constructed using standard building materials such as “brick under tile” typically found in country inns, hotels, guest lodges and guest houses are available.

Cover may also be structured to suit private residence, or purpose-built facilities operating as bed and breakfasts that provide standard services to paying guests, but do not offer activities.

ZIB offers passenger liability/asset protection cover, a product designed to offer appropriate risk protection for tourism transport providers to fare-paying passengers on a renewable basis.

Motor (game viewing, shuttle, transfer and coach vehicles), marine (yacht, ski-boat, houseboat, canoe, rafting) and aviation (fixed wing, rotor wing, hot air balloons) passengers’ liability are also covered by this policy.

Wildlife insurance
We provide a comprehensive package to the wildlife and game ranching industry in Sub-Saharan Africa, including national parks and the private sector.

Risks covered include transportation of animals within Africa and to and from international destinations.

Insurance policies are designed to protect assets and breeding stock by insuring individual animals on a selective risk basis, to provide the exact cover required.

Some of the insurance products offered cover breeding facilities, capture risks, transit risks, veld or boma risks, break-out cover, liability, dart safaris or green hunts, catastrophe risks and aquaculture cover
Agricultural insurance
Also offered is a comprehensive package for agricultural projects incorporating crops (against storm damages, fire and hailstorm and crop diseases), livestock (covers against diseases, fire, lightning and theft), farm buildings and contents (covers against lightning, fire, damages and theft of contents) and farm equipment (cover against theft and damages).

Fidelity guarantee
Under this policy the company is compensated for loss of money or property as a result of theft by an insured employee during the currency of the policy and/or direct financial loss as a result of fraud or dishonesty of an insured employee occurring during the currency of the policy.

Employee benefits consultancy
ZIB can offer consultancy and secretarial services for both insured and self-administered schemes through the employee benefits consultancy division where pension benefit structures are tailor-designed as per customer specifications.

In addition, ZIB also offers consulting services on other employee benefits-related products such as group life assurance schemes, group funeral schemes, health insurance and savings clubs.

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