by Richard Muponde

TWO Chipinge brothers have been dragged to court by their sibling whom they threatened to kill with machetes in a feud over land and a homestead left by their late father.

Jimmy and Justice Mavenge were brought before Chipinge magistrate Joshua Nembaware by their sibling Moses who was seeking a protection order against them.

“The respondents are my step brothers. They behave violently against me and my wife. They want me to leave my homestead and land that was left by our father. They are ordering me to go to my mother’s relatives,” said Moses.

“They insult me and my wife, threatening us with machetes which they move around with. They told me that if I continued living there they would chop me and my wife to pieces with the machetes.

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“They are stealing my bananas and destroying my banana trees to force me to leave my land and homestead. I no longer have peace and am now living in fear that the respondents might chop me or my wife. I am therefore applying for a protection order against the two respondents so that I will not live in fear anymore.”

However his brothers denied threatening to kill him or chase him away from the land. The two said Moses was not co-operating with them in finding solutions to a number of deaths which had been occurring in the family.

“We deny ever threatening the applicant with death or chasing him away from the land and his homestead. There have been a number of deaths which have been occurring in our family and the chief advised us to consult on the causes and the applicant has been refusing to go with us to traditional healers,” they said.

Nembaware granted the order and ordered the two brothers not to physically assault the complainant.