UNITED KINGDOM-BASED Zimbabwean actress and choreographer Enisia Mashusha yesterday said the forthcoming season 2 of The “A” List Show will be a revamped production, with its first episode taking a peep into small and big house sagas as to why women end up fighting each other.

The “A” List Show is a talkshow that digs up cases of abuse of the girl child, which are said to be prevalent in society, produced by Mashusha who will also co- host the season 2 with guest Spiwe Edzai Guwera.

The founder of the one of the country’s first-ever all-female dance troupe, Mambokadzi, which danced its way to fame between 2005 and 2010, Mashusha yesterday told NewsDay Life & Style that several women had opened up to her on the different kinds of abuses they have experienced.

“I believe in a world where women and girls can live a life of free from violence and abuse. Season 1 of The “A” List Show celebrated women in arts, women in business women in politics and we also brought to the people the sad story of Chenai Maenzanise,” she said.

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“We saw how women and girls started to speak out, but because of our failed system in Zimbabwe, all the women and girls who did come out were victimised and bribed to silence them. Those who speak out risk being doubted, punished or get victim-shamed from the society.”

Mashusha said men and boys were also affected by physical assault and rape, and in most cases they kept silent about such incidences because of social stigma.

“I believe men should start supporting each other, encourage each other to speak out and creating awareness about physical assault and rape. I am choosing to roar so that a thousand years from now, another woman and man will not have to wipe their tears wondering where in the history she lost her voice,” she said.

“We must all work in harmony with each other, to stand up for what is right, to speak up for what is fair and to always voice any correction so that the ignorant become informed and justice is never ignored.”

Mashusha said since the launch of the show, where she tackled some highly sensitive cases of abuse and sexual harassment, several names of powerful individuals and those politically-connected had been popping up, but vowed to expose the culprits despite the threats she claimed to have received.

“It is only the need to fight for justice, the desire to see the girl child free from abuse that has given me the courage to go ahead with The “A” List Show, although I know my life is in danger. In any case, I am not doing anything wrong, whatsoever, under the auspices of the law,” she said.

“Through the show, I know that I will continue to put my life in danger, but I seek to provide that much-needed platform for the oppressed, harassed, and abused to air their views and grievances, and possibly find a solution and an end to these growing anomalies in our society.”