THE increase in the number of stray donkeys and scotch-carts in Victoria Falls town has irked residents who have taken the local authority to task to deal with the domestic animals and their owners as they can cause traffic accidents.

Villagers from surrounding areas bring manure and firewood for sale in animal-drawn scotch-carts into the resort town and let their donkeys graze in the town.
Victoria Falls Residents Association chairperson, Morgan Gazza Ncube said they were seized with the matter.

“We have tried to ask them not to let loose their donkeys into town because accidents are bound to happen due to that,” he said.

Former Victoria Falls mayor Nkosilathi Jiyane said people from Monde, Sizinda and Chidobo brought manure in donkey-drawn carts in the resort town and council police should drive them away.

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He said council should engage the owners of the animals and urge them not to let the donkeys loose.

A resident, who refused to be named, said: “As you know Victoria Falls is a resort area of which there are many tourists who visit the place. Roads are always congested, hence you will find that donkeys will be standing in the middle of the road. The animals are stubborn and it’s very hard to get them off the road, therefore, road accidents are likely to occur.”

Town clerk Ronnie Dube said he had not yet been approached over the issue.