HARARE City Council has threatened legal action against Zanu PF, government departments, parastatals and other entities owing the local authority more than $1 billion in unpaid rates.

Council is owed more than $1 billion by Zanu PF, National Social Security Authority, National Railways of Zimbabwe, among other entities and residents.

Other debtors that top the council debtors’ list are Norton and Chitungwiza municipalities.

A debtors’ list gleaned by NewsDay shows that a company identified as M&S Syndicate (Pvt) Limited, with its address given as Rotten Row, Zanu PF, Harare, owes the local authority $1 189 768 in unpaid water bills.

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“We are engaging them and, in fact, we have set up a team doing rounds. We have made an agreement to have letters sent to all the political parties and churches owing council money to come up with a plan. Every political party owing us must pay so that we can provide services to people, its members included,” mayor Herbert Gomba said.

“So every political party must pay or else we will be resorting, if engagements fail, to the courts. They should give us our money so that we provide services. Every political party failing to pay us has no right to criticise us because they are not playing ball.”

Zanu PF officials have criticised the opposition party councillors for failure to address perennial water challenges and to provide basic services, including refuse collection.

Walter Magaya-owned Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries Church, is also yet to pay close to $400 000 and the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport owes $101 250 000.