AFTER a series of conversations and lively studio sessions, the Dreams of a Better Zimbabwe riddim on a reggae/dancehall tip that features some of the country’s top voices was recently released on the Song Zimbabwe’s YouTube channel.

In a statement, Song Africa said through the Dreams of a Better Zimbabwe riddim, whose themes centre on hope, love and resilience, they seek to uplift music enthusiasts especially Zimbabweans and encourage them to hold onto their hope and deep love for the country.

“Artists and creatives play a critical role in society. They can inspire citizens and communities to dream and work together for the Zimbabwe we want. Throughout history when societies have been stuck in the dark ages, it has been artists who have been able to break the impasse and lead the way to enlightenment,” read the statement.

“We hope that we will see a better Zimbabwe where generations will thrive and be proud of their country, the intense love so many of us have for this beloved Zimbabwe and the resilience to remain standing and not succumb to anything that wants to eat away at our hope and love.”

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Song Africa saluted the artistes who featured on the riddim among them dancehall sensation Guspy Warrior, Amara Brown (pictured), Ras Caleb and Ishan, describing them as amazing musicians who expressed what is in their hearts in an electrifying and passionate way.

“The reggae and dancehall genre, which has such a wide base among our people in Zimbabwe, has historically been associated with messages which are conscious, uplifting and inspiring.”

Some of the songs on the Dreams of a Better Zimbabwe riddim are Stand Tall Zimbabwe that features a group of powerful voices on the music scene who include Ras Caleb, Ishan, Amp, and Dhadza D.

The other track, Rise Like Eagles, features a wonderful mix of gifted artistes such as Guspy Warrior, Ammara Brown, Ninja Lipsy and Amp, Nutty O, while the Easy on the Ears instrumental was produced by DJ Tamuka and Amp, Rodney Beatz.