HARARE City Council has suspended four senior officials for alleged dereliction of duty and contributing to the water crisis in the city.


The axe fell on head of city chemistry, production manager and water distribution manager and their alleged transgressions include failure to act decisively on leakages, arrogance and taking long to attend to faults, among others.

Mayor Herbert Gomba confirmed the development, saying the move was meant to improve service delivery and get rid of non-performers.

“As we are working together as Zimbabweans and residents of Harare in particular, we have discovered that some among us are not playing ball in as far as the transformation of the city is concerned. We have managers who are reposed with the mandate to deliver services, but are not doing so according to expectation.

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“Managers are supposed to visit the areas where work is supposed to be. A chemist or production manager and distribution manager should be on the ground to ensure work is done. Facts are that they are not and we will act to protect our residents under the mantra ‘residents first’,” he said.

Gomba read the riot act at a high-level meeting held at Town House last week where he also ordered the council’s water department to vacate a rented building they were using in the city and make use of either Cleveland or Rowan Martin, both council premises.

Council sources said all divisional failing to perform their duties will be taken before a disciplinary committee.
It was also revealed that most workers at the council’s biggest water treatment plant, Morton Jaffray Waterworks, were spending most of their time running personal errands, including selling fish at the ratepayers’ expense.