Three members of the Zimbabwe National Army have been arrested after they allegedly shot dead two civilians following a dispute which occurred on Boxing Day at Shayamavhudzi township in Mwenezi.

Crispen Maphosa (28), Tapiwanashe Basopo (35) and Collen Ncube (28), who are attached to the HQ 1 Brigade in Bulawayo, had earlier on been reported for allegedly launching a reign of terror on civilians in Mwenezi.

The three soldiers made their initial appearance in court on Monday, December 30, 2019 before Mwenezi magistrate Honest Musiiwa advised them to apply for bail at the High Court.

It is alleged that on December 26, 2019, the three who were on assignment at Mujingwe Conservancy in Mwenezi West, were approached by Olman Nyunyani, who told them that his younger brother had been assaulted by brothers Hosia and Sifelani Matarise.

Armed with loaded AK 47 rifles, the soldiers, together with Nyunyani, proceeded to Shayamavhudzi township looking for the Matarises. Upon arrival at the township, the soldiers confronted the Matarise brothers and a dispute ensued.

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The soldiers allegedly shot Hosia on the head and Sifelani on the chest, killing them on the spot.

The trio was arrested two days later by police.

Three spent cartridges and four live rounds were recovered from the crime scene. It is alleged that after committing the offence, the soldiers threatened witnesses with death.
Willard Chasi appeared for the State.

— Tellzim