The Sunday News

Robin Muchetu, Senior Reporter

BULAWAYO and surrounding areas have been receiving significant amount of rainfall since Monday night bringing in relief to the people as their areas have been experiencing a dry spell for the past few months. The rains which started pouring last night spent the better part of

Tuesday falling bringing hope that they would continue and be able to bring inflows into the major supply dams of the city. The failure of the rains to fall has seen the Bulawayo City Council decommissioning Umzingwane Dam, one of the major supply dams.

The city has been experiencing 96-hour weekly water shedding because of the fall in dam levels. Although the Meteorological Services Department could not give the amounts of rainfall recorded by the city and surrounding districts, there was hope among residents that there would be more rains in the coming days and weeks.

On Monday the department predicted that heavy rains would fall from Monday 9 through to Thursday 12 December 2019 accompanied by strong winds that were likely to cause damage to buildings.

Residents have been advised to avoid parking vehicles or standing under trees as it rains for these may be uprooted by strong winds and harm people and vehicles.