The Sunday Mail

Veronica Gwaze

HARARE CITY volleyball team’s trip to Malawi has been thrown into disarray as the champions are struggling to raise enough funding for next week’s Zone VI assignment in Lilongwe.

The team was initially scheduled to travel on Monday and they have shifted to Wednesday, 11 with games set to start on Friday.

The municipality team will have both their men and women teams travelling to the regional tournament after they booked spots when they emerged in the top two in last year’s National Volleyball League.

Club manager Godknows Jembere said the team is expected to travel Wednesday to arrive later that night and rest for two days.

However, current indications are that the team could now settle for public transport.

“Due to transport challenges, we have been forced to shift from the initially set dates.

“Furthermore, the bus that we have been expecting will not be available anymore so we might be forced to travel by public transport.

“However, we are making frantic efforts to do what is best for the team which is, of course, having them travel in their own bus,” he said.

The municipality side is also set to trim their travelling delegation to a maximum of 42 from both teams.

Jembere said most finances that the club has been eyeing have not yet been delivered hence the last-minute changes.

“We are hoping for a miracle to ensure that our teams travel and right now we are still open for sponsors.

“We know it may be a last-minute rush but we have no choice, we will leave no stone unturned because we are eyeing the top prizes for both teams,” he added.

The teams’ accommodation is also yet to be paid for.

And the manager said the accommodation facilities are charging in United States dollars, disparities which in turn also negatively affected their budget.

On court, preparations have been progressing positively and the coaches said they are optimistic of a positive campaign.