‘This is a God-given gift, it has nothing to do with Nyasha’

Nyasha Mushekwi Special Correspondent
FIRSTLY, I would like to thank God for this amazing gift that he has given to my old team CAPS United. I am at a loss for words on how grateful I am for this wonderful gift to my team.

I would like to thank the CAPS United president, Mr Farai Jere, for the risk he took when I first walked into his office, thinking about it now today, we couldn’t see what the future was holding.

I am grateful to God for the opportunity he gave me.

Thank you Mr Jere for remaining committed to this team, for remaining strong and these salary delays are common all over the world and you have remained a pillar of strength for CAPS United and, how you have soldiered on, despite all the hardships to keep this club intact, shows what a great leader you are.

I would also like to thank my coach, Moses Chunga, for spotting me when I was just coming from basketball, it’s an amazing story, he took a risk that most coaches wouldn’t but he did it and gambled on me.

And, today, I am what I am because of the opportunity he gave me.

I am grateful to him and I owe it to him for everything that is happening in my life till today and I thank you so much for what you did to me. I would like to thank the Ministry of Sports for the efforts they did to try and get me a letter of exemption of duty, though it didn’t pull through, I am grateful for the efforts and all the other Government officials who tried to assist in this quest of trying to get the exemption letter.

I am grateful to their efforts.

I hope through this gesture, other players can witness and be inspired.

I know most guys are inspired, I know the guys have always wanted to do something for their old clubs, even just grooming at grassroots levels.

I know guys are interested in this but it’s just that we need more support from our Government just to encourage us also, I don’t know how our Government can help us in this regard.

We would be super grateful and I am sure most guys are going to run up even in the small things, it doesn’t have to be a bus, just the small things will make a difference in your old team or the young upcoming players because Zimbabwe has a lot of talent.

It’s just that our talent is not being recognised the way it’s supposed to.

At the end of the day, praise to the Almighty God for all the blessing and such a wonderful day and the amazing thing that has happened, not only in my life, but also in the CAPS United family, to help the team with this bus.

I am grateful to everyone who played a role in my career, I give God all the grace, I have seen God doing miracles in my life throughout my career.

I have gone to places I never thought I would be, I have seen things I never thought I would see, through God and his guidance in my life, I am grateful for everything.

I am at a loss of words at what to really say, to express how I feel, I am thankful for everyone for their outstanding support, I can’t name their names otherwise my speech would be long but I am thankful to all the coaches who coached me in the national team.

They might not be involved in the CAPS United set-up but, to some point, they were involved in how they groomed me to be who I am today.

I would like to thank my family for always being there for me, my grandmother, my mum, my fiancé, my late grandfather, when he was still alive, always praying for me, always being there during the good times and the bad times, I am super grateful.

To all my former teammates that I played with, I am grateful for the times we spent together and the experiences.

My former captain Method Mwanjali, words cannot describe how big a role you played in my life for me to be the man I am today, all the support, the advice, I thank you so much Method, I will always be grateful.

This is a God-given gift, it has nothing to do with Nyasha, I know people are excited, it’s normal but at the end of the day I don’t want the attention on me, I hope people can praise God and thank God for this amazing thing He has done.

I had people from South Africa applauding this but at the end of the day I would like to thank God. I would like to thank the CAPS United family, the fans that believed in me from Day 1 till today, they still believe in me, it’s amazing how voices of people you know nothing about can impact your life in so many amazing ways, I am grateful to them, too.

They have supported my life from the word go to this very day and I thank them for all the support they gave me when I was playing for CAPS and also thank them for the support they gave me when I was playing for the national team.

I am not big on social media but I always follow, once in a while, I check what’s happening on the CAPS United Facebook page.

For all those who came to support, I thank you, for all those who came for the handover, I thank you, the media, I thank you. I apologise once more for not making it today but I am sure I will be free soon and I will meet people, when I can, and I will be able to answer some questions and talk to people like I have always done.

Nyasha Mushekwi delivered this speech, through his sister Nyari, at the National Sports Stadium yesterday on the occasion of the unveiling ceremony of the luxury coach he acquired for his former club CAPS United.

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