JUST IN: False alarm stirs commotion

Sallomy Matare-Herald Reporter

A false fire-alarm followed by a thick dark smoke raised from the Auditor General’s offices’ roof in Harare’s central business district stirred commotion, leaving occupants traumatised as they stampeded to safety.

The incident occurred during lunch time.

Harare City Council’s fire brigade rushed to the scene further stirring commotion among those in the vicinity.

Reports say workmen were repairing the roof using tar which produced a thick dark smoke.

The cloud of smoke alarmed outsiders who then alerted the fire brigade.

A representative from the fire response team, station officer Mr Phillip Marufu confirmed that it was a false alarm and no one was injured.

“There was no fire, it was just repair works which were being undertaken on top of the roof. No injuries occurred.”

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