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Do not search your partner’s phone!

Phones have virtually become a part of us, meaning they are equally significant in our relationships too. I am going to touch on some of the pertinent “phone issues” in relationships.

The first natural port of call is, should we scan our partner’s phones, should we search who are they chatting to, why and when? This is a very divisive issue.

Naturally, a few would give their partner their phone to go through, like some security check – it’s a clear sign of insecurity from the other partner.

Love is about trust, so when we say “I love you” we mean I trust you not to care about what goes on in your phone.

Your “I love you too” means I trust you too, I am fine with whatever happens in your phone as well.

But reality isn’t like that, oftentimes some are caught searching and seeking their partner’s phones only to lie they are viewing pictures.

When you love your person and mean it, you trust them, you don’t search their phone.
However, one just doesn’t wake up wanting to do the phone check, something inspires or influences that, it could be some behavioural change in the partner or influence from friends or something else for everyone has got their reasons.
But in the end love should always win and ensure that one does not search in their partner’s phone, unless it’s genuinely viewing pictures or videos.

Which brings me to my next issue, if you are in a relationship, should you exchange numbers with a stranger of the opposite sex?

Your girlfriend probably stuns someone daily and some guys got guts to approach and ask for a number after obviously one or two heart-stopping chants. Should your girlfriend give out her number? If she does, is that cheating?

It’s the same for men, would it be fair for you to go ask for a girl’s number?

Personally, I think it is being disrespectful to your partner and I think giving out your number is a clear sign you are losing or have lost interest in your partner. Ditto with a guy who approaches and asks for a number.

It cannot be justified.

There have been jokes about weds, have you ever seen them going to the rest-rooms on the wedding day?

Well, for me the question is where will be their phones on the wedding day?
I haven’t wed and I don’t even know where my phone will be on the day of vows.
But I have friends who have done this lovely gesture of wedding and one of them has this phone story.

“I had it in my left pocket,” he said.


“Because I also wanted to capture my beautiful moment.”

My other friend said he gave his mobile phone to the best man,  while one was honest to reveal he had his, “secretly” with him. I didn’t ask why.

I feel there won’t be any important call that will disturb your wedding.
The most important woman will be next to you, family and friends will be in front of you so will be your bosses or mates.

So who could call?

The thought of capturing the moment, like my friend said, would be a distraction because the next thing you will be updating statuses or adding stories instead of being in the moment.

A phone is a distraction on your wedding. You would rather leave it in a safe place at home. Phones are beautiful gadgets, we should use them to enhance our relationships otherwise they can be disastrous.

That’s my call. What’s yours? Do you think we should search our partner’s phones or show trust and love by not? Would you give a stranger your number?

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