Nyore Madzianike Senior Arts Reporter
THREE out of the seven music videos that Progress Chipfumo is working on are complete, but there are fears rains might stall out-door shooting of the remaining four.

Speaking on the sidelines of his show at Charehwa Matombo Bar in Budiriro last Friday, where he shared the stage with Alick Macheso, Chipfumo said he was speeding up the production pace to beat his deadline.

“I have done three so far and they are complete,” he said. “My fears are that the rains might slow the pace since much of the shooting will be done on open spaces.”

The Sounds of the Motherland Band leader said he roped in the services of a number of local actors and musicians, including Freddy “Kapfupi” Manjalima.

Chipfumo said songs on the forthcoming video album were plucked off from his previous albums.

“I do not want to pre-empt publicity by giving the titles of the songs that will have videos, but I am sure some have come across the skits that we posted on our social media platforms.

“It had been long since we last had a video and we decided to give our fans something to enjoy this festive season. With the way we have invested in the project, it is promising to be one of the best. I am certain that the video album will certainly settle all the dust that was being raised about us failing to give people visuals.”

Chipfumo said he was working on something new that he was looking forward to releasing early next year.

“We are always trying to give our fans the best and that is why we always stay in the studio. As soon as the video album hits the market, then another album will follow,” he  said.

At the show in Budiriro on Friday, Chipfumo belted his yesteryear hits much to the delight of the crowd.