Havok ZW

By Freeman Makopa

SOUTH AFRICA-BASED DJ and blogger Blessing “Havok ZW” Jena has launched an online competition — Mic Mashup Online Talent Show — designed to unearth hidden talent in the country’s remote areas as well as the diaspora.

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Havok ZW told NewsDay Life & Style that the winner of the competition will receive recording contracts and a fashion outfit.

“The objective is to realise the impact of internet connectivity in our day-to-day lives and give an opportunity to hidden talent, especially the ones in remote areas and living abroad,” he said.

“We have been offered recording contracts by a number of studios in Zimbabwe such as Cymplex Music, Chilfrl, Kenako Music and Yala Nation. In addition, Seh Calaz offered free mentorship for the finalists and winner. A clothing line based in South Africa, Makare 5054 Urban Apparel, will award the winner a complete fashion outfit,” he said.

Havok ZW said they launched the competition to gauge the impact of internet connectivity in people’s day-to-day lives.

The wheel spinner said they received 23 entries; 17 from Zimbabwe, five from Cape Town and one from Namibia. DJ Havok has worked with several musicians on different projects and tours. In 2018, he collaborated with a Ugandan dancehall artiste, Tai Tan and Drum Dada on a song titled Dance for Me.