Five Rusape man are in hot soup after allegedly killing a 17-year-old man for stealing a chicken.


Manicaland provincial police spokesperson Tavhiringwa Kakohwa yesterday confirmed the incident.

The accused, appearing as first, second, third, fourth and fifth respondents, respectively in the matter are Jonathan Elias (43), Michael Bhunu (47), Ambrose Goko (47) and brothers Kingstone and Abel Nyatoro, whose ages are unknown.

Kakokwa said at around 5am on October 11, the now-deceased Watson Goko proceeded to Elias’ homestead and stole a hen from his fowl run. Elias was awakened by the noise of the chicken and when he went out, he discovered that one chicken was missing.

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He then followed the footprints, but missed them at a nearby bush.

Elias went to his co-accused’s homes and informed them of what had happened.

They teamed up in search of the culprit and found the now-deceased hidden in a bush holding a hen.

They forced-marched him to Abel Nyatoro’s house where they took turns to assault him with sticks.

At one point, Goko tried to escape, but he was apprehended and Elias tied him with a rope.

Goko was forced-marched to his uncle Ambrose’s homestead, who is the third accused in the matter.

The now-deceased’s uncle was told about the incident and he joined in assaulting his nephew.

Goko was only released at around 9pm after five hours of beatings. He then went to her grandmother Brenda Goko’s house to rest.

A few hours later, he was seen at a nearby stream by his grandmother who discovered that he was in pain and sought help to ferry him to Masvoswe Clinic.

He died two days later and the three first accused persons reported themselves to Rusape Police Station, while the Nyatoro brothers are still at large.