Arts Correspondent
Failure by parliamentarians to deliver on promises made in the run-up to elections has inspired a new movie.

Titled “After Dust”, the movie written by veteran filmmaker Donald Mabido is currently in the pre-production phase.

Mabido said the film narrates a journey of two young people who are picked by the community to confront their Member of Parliament who has not set foot in their constituency since election   time.

“Deep in the remote area of Goromondo (an imagined area), a community pins its hopes for a new dam on their new MP.

“As time goes by and water for their cattle dwindles, Chirangano and Ziso decide to go to the city to confront their MP.

“RUKA, the local madman, forces himself on the two and joins them in this journey which takes them through other communities with saddening issues of abandonment,” said Mabido.

“As the journey progresses more and more people join them and a story of human will and unity of purpose is born.

“Their arrival in the city brings things to a standstill as the story takes a form that changes the politics of a nation.”

Mabido said many MPs abandon their constituencies.

“Africa suffers from a community leadership crisis. When elections are held politicians present promises that they never make an effort to fulfil,” he said.

“Communities are not being developed because of the quality of politicians we have at constituency level.

“In Zimbabwe very few MPs are going back to discuss with their constituencies how best they can develop their communities.”

Mabido said he is currently engaging different partners to make the film a success.

“I am currently in talks with different organisations and stakeholders to make sure that we start shooting the film,” he said.

“As soon as everything is in order and we have enough resources we will start on the production.”