Rebecca Kabaya Arts Correspondent

THE net is fast closing in on rogue bouncers, who have been accused of robbing, beating up people and causing anarchy at entertainment joints around Harare with law enforcement agents having been called upon to intervene.

Bouncers have been held responsible for the chaos that rocked many events over the past two years with organisers of the various entertainment shows calling for “effective action”. Music Promoters’ Association chairperson Josh Hozheri of 105 Entertainment (pictured left) told journalists in Harare yesterday that they would engage “highest offices” in the land to help them stop the rogue elements within the entertainment industry.

“Of major concern is the issue of rogue or unruly bouncers. These guys have been moving from event to event robbing clients and promoters of their money. It has gone for over two years now,” he said.

“We have since notified the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe. We will write letters to the Minister of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation (Kirsty Coventry), Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister (Cain Mathema) and Commissioner-General of Police (Godwin Matanga) so that we deal with the rogue elements that have brought chaos in the arts industry,” said Hozheri.

Hozheri declared war on the bouncers, whom he described as thieves bent on reaping where they did not sow resulting in event organisers losing out on potential revenue and  profits.

He said if the legal route fails them, then they would take the “war” to another level.

The promoters’ association chairperson, who has since lodged a complaint against the bouncers citing threats of violence, vowed to fight tooth and nail as they cannot fold their hands while some people rob them of a fortune.

“These are deliberate actions by the bouncers who want to reap where they did not sow.  We are in the entertainment industry because of passion. We cannot be forced to leave the industry by thieves and retirement from the industry should be out of our choice,” he said.

Hozheri claimed they had sufficient proof against some of the rogue elements singling out Gideon Sanyangore and Brendon Chipunza as the ringleaders.

“We are saying enough in enough,” charged Hozheri.

The 105 Entertainment boss also told journalists that the bouncers’ actions, if left untamed, would also taint the image of the country, especially in the eyes of tourists.

Hozheri claimed two tourists were attacked during a show at Takashinga Cricket Club in Highfield where Simbarashe “Bodyslam” Chakare was hosting the Madirirano gig.

Meanwhile, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said no arrests have been made as of yesterday. He urged promotors to follow procedures when handling such cases.

“They should follow procedures when reporting such issues and be able to create a peaceful environment when planning their events,” he said.