An audio that is doing rounds on social media where First Lady Auxila Mnangagwa is arguing with a military boss reveals that the former lawmaker is a highly trained person.

Auxilia tells the military boss that she is a trained person so she deserves respect and cautions the person to stop trailing her and bugging her phone.

The First Lady is a highly trained person who worked as a former officer at the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation.

There have been long-standing reports that from 1992, acting as a high-level security officer at the Sheraton Hotel, she provided information to former President Robert Mugabe on Emmerson Mnangagwa who was then the de facto head of the CIO.

However, she denies these allegations.

During an interview with Blessed Mhlanga of Standard in 2015, she said, “That was a dark moment in my life. It was an innocent interview which the media chose to twist and misrepresent facts to fit their own agenda. The VP proposed to me like any other man does, and it was courtship which ended in us having a happy marriage. How can one be a planted CIO in a marriage of 31 years?”

However former State Security Minister Sydney Sekeramayi once revealed that members of the state security do not retire and can be called upon to service any time when it is necessary.

The intelligence organisation consists of eight key branches which include internal, external, counter-intelligence, military intelligence, close security, technical and administration.

Immediately under the directors are deputy directors, assistant directors, provincial intelligence officers, divisional intelligence officers, senior intelligence officers, assistant senior intelligence officers, intelligence officers, senior security officers, security officers, senior security assistants and security assistants

The organization works with other Intelligence organizations from other African countries under a regional body called Central Intelligence and Security Services of Africa CISSA to tackle problems that threaten the stability of the continent and hamper development like terrorism and extremism.

Source – Byo24