President Emmerson Mnangagwa and MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa  has been challenged to form a parallel government that will lead development  in the country.

Addressing a gathering of young people on Thursday Businessman Shephard Dube said Nelson Chamisa is the rightful President of the country in terms of popular vote and he must begin to build institutions that will deliver on his mandate.

“It’s not arguably that Nelson Chamisa is the popular elected President of Zimbabwe.”Dube said. “I am challenging him today to begin his journey to lead the people of Zimbabwe to a better country through setting up a parallel government that will deliver on the people-mandated pursuits.

“I am challenging Chamisa to begin by setting up a fully fledged government made up of ministers and Directors. The MDC must then begin to mobilise support for the Ministers to deliver development. You do not need military power and to be at State House to do development.

“MDC must build hospitals and schools which shall be a sign of development in Zimbabwe. The schools and hospitals must lead in delivering the best service to the nation. Imagine if Chamisa’s government can source resources to build a new school and hospital in every district fully equipped with state of the art equipment.

Dube added that MDC must buy land through various investment companies and build sky scrapers that shall afford businesses rent at an affordable prices and they will save as a source of revenue for the party.

“Chamisa’s minister of mines must buy mines and make sure that it employs many young people across the country. This will cut the unemployment crisis and generate revenue for the country.”

Chamisa has refused to recognise President Emmerson Mnangagwa as the legitimate President of Zimbabwe.