Novuyo Seagirl


BULAWAYO House musician Novuyo Seagirl was forced to abort her act after she was booed and pelted off-stage during an Econet Wireless Ziyawa KuEcocash monthly draw at the City Hall car park in Bulawayo on Saturday.

The songbird opened her set with her new song, Bambelela, and when she launched into the award-winning hit, A.E.I.O.U, insults from fans grew louder, forcing the master of ceremonies to intervene and ask the fans to give her time.

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Fans calmed down for just a moment before they resumed their rowdy behaviour, leading to Seagirl prematurely ending her act.

This was the second time the musician suffered such a fate in just two months.

“It’s very unfortunate that this is always happening to me, I won’t give up and will keep doing what I love doing. One day, the fans will accept me and also accept our music in Bulawayo. For now, I will stay hopeful and determined. One day, we will strike the right chord,” she told NewsDay Life & Style after the show.

Seagirl was introduced before Jah Prayzah’s act, but from the very moment she stepped onto the stage, irate fans started shouting unprintable words, calling the singer to leave the stage.

Her slot came after performances by Winky D, Mzoe 7 and IYASA.

The last time she was pelted off the stage was at the ZITF shutdown gig at Queens Sports Club, resulting in her angrily insulting the fans and accusing them of not supporting their own local artistes.

Some fans blamed one of the female MCs for hyping up and enticing fans after she said the stage was set for Winky D’s appearrance, yet they were bringing in Seagirl.

“I think one of the female MCs might have misled fans into thinking that they were bringing in Winky D, when they were bringing in Seagirl.

“She (the MC) was heard shouting are you ready for Winky D, sending fans into wild cheers, but thereafter brought in Seagirl, something I think angered the fans, who were expecting the Harare-based artiste,” one of the fans said.

The organisers had to add more Bulawayo acts after the Mthwakazi Republic party wrote to the telecommunications giants, ordering them to call off their gig if Winky D and Jah Prazyah — both of who are from Harare — were going to be the headline acts, without local representation.